Surreal Places in SL: Part 1

Posted: June 5, 2008 in Second Life
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After doing a few blogs on real places in SL, why not do a few unreal places. To get you in a surreal state of mind, I included a bizarre Machinima video called Chameleon.

Now for a few surreal links. I find places that qualify as Surreal all the time, and don’t always bookmark them. So I’m going to start off with a few that I have bookmarked.

The place that inspired me to start this post is a place called Culturegion, a server filled with strange sights and sounds. I liked the Sound Art display the best, make sure you turn on the radio and video when prompted. This goes for the whole island as there are “hot spots” of sound and music.

One of my all time favorite surreal builds is on the Svarga Server build. This one is a must see if you never have been. I like to take new people here to show them the potential of Second Life, and this is as good as any to show off.

Before Svarga was opened, the cool build of choice was The Lost Gardens of Apollo. Still a fantastic and beautiful build. A few other beautiful builds along these lines:

Botanical Gardens at Straylight
Creative Fantasy at Serenity Falls

Dragon Moon Resort
T&C Designs and Gardens

Surreal does not necessarily mean artistic and strange. Surreal can also mean reality taken to an extreme or hyperreal. So here are a couple of examples of that.

Above is an example of an industrial wasteland called Hobo Island. Train cars, grafitti covered walls, broken overpasses, and a complex sewer system are here to explore.

On the opposite extreme would be a build I acidentally discovered called the Palace of Yaximixche (website) which probably ranks as one of the most pretentious builds I have ever come across. And why not, if you are going to build yourself a house, may as well make it a big one.

There are probably dozens, if not hundreds, of surreal builds out there. Watch for more of these from time to time. Next up are a few TV, Movie, and Video Game themed builds.

  1. David says:

    Hey Hey ArianeB.. Have you see a world call if you have let us know..


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