The Sexiest Dances in Second Life

Posted: March 13, 2007 in Second Life
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Most social dance clubs have their own dance box that you can click on and dance the night away, but most people know that if you want to stand out of the crowd, you should get your own dance chimera and buy your own dances.

The problem of course is that dances are not cheap, about L200 on average and trying to find the best means you are likely to spend money on some lame ones along the way.

I know this, because I set out on a project, to fill a dance chimera with the sexiest dances I could find. Believe me, when I wear this chimera at a dance club, I always turn heads. I’m still searching, but here are the best sexy dances I have found so far, and where to find them.

First stop, Abranimations, and if you are going to go there, you may as well go to the main headquarters on Devils Moon, because it is one of the coolest looking builds in all of SL.

Here is where you can buy a dance chimera, that is better and less than half the cost of the one at Owenimations. Also get the following sexy and seductive dances:

sexy twirl
sexy tease
seductive sway
seductive twirl

You are now at a good start. Next Stop Animations by Jesse Murdock of Bad Girls fame.

This place specializes in sexy pose balls, and also partner dances, but in the back they have some single person dances. Jesse has the best Salsa dances, and Salsa dances = always sexy. There are 25 at his store, which is a bit of an overkill unless you want nothing but salsa, but 1 or 2 adds some variety to your dance list. Anyways, my sexy dance shopping list:


Owenimations is the most popular animated dance store in SL, but I have no idea why. The dances there are in my opinion overpriced. But there are at least a couple that fit in with the sexy dance theme. Owenimations is all over the place, but here is a link to one Here is my two sexy dances, a lot of people also like Cirque as a sexy dance, but I think it is a bit too showy.

slow sexy spin

Those are the big 3 dance animation stores, but so far all we have are the sexy dances everyone else has. If you really want a sexy edge, you have to dig. The two sexiest dances in all of SL can be found at LostDog which sells al sorts of novelties, and does not specialize in dances. The exact location of the sexiest dances is and they are called:


Next stop Zaius Creations. This store specializes in erotic dances for strip clubs and sex clubs, so most of the animations here are a bit too sexy for casual club dances, but throwing in a couple really livens up your dance routine. The best ones for chimera dancing are:

and if you are really daring, sexydance9

Other assorted sexy dances:

“slinky sexy dance remix” from Anomations
“slow lap dance” a freebie by Mystic Dawn found in “157 free poses and dances” at Yadni’s Junkyard

Well there you have 15 sexy dances ranging from fun loving sexy to erotic sexy. Throw them in a chimera, wear it on your spine (or a little lower so they have to grab your butt to dance) and be the life of the party.

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