Second Life and Guild Wars 2.0

Posted: August 21, 2009 in Gaming, Virtual Worlds
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Two of the games I spend a lot of time on both recently announced major upgrades.

Second Life 2.0

The recent Second Life Community Convention (SLCC) had some presentations from Linden Labs with demonstrations of upcoming upgrades. Among them a much better organized viewer, much requested mesh imports (not till 2010), reflective surfaces (also not till 2010), and a bunch of other features.

More info on the new viewer can be found here. Here is a video.  We could see the new viewer later this fall.

Guild Wars 2

There are new MMORPG’s coming out that have tempted me to get back into online role play games. Aion, Champions Online, and Fallen Earth are three new ones for fantasy, comic book, and post apocalypse fans.

But now word comes that Guild Wars 2 is coming out maybe as early as the end of this year. Which is surprising, since I was hearing possibly 2011 before. This is the one I am most looking forward to. In Guild Wars 1 you always played as a human. In Guild Wars 2, there are five races to choose from, and I plan to have characters in all five.

More info on Guild Wars 2 can be found in an interview with the devs here.

  1. laurine says:

    Your blog is very nice and full of interesting info :)
    The video of guild of wars 2 gives desire to play it. I tried “Champions online” and I think it is a very good game (even if personally I find it difficult to stay for a long time in a game because I always end up getting bored). Thank you for your articles and to share your knowledge ;)
    ps: i hope you can understand my silly english ^^

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