Best Places in SL for 2009

Posted: December 27, 2009 in Second Life
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One of the most popular posts I did in 2008 was my end of the year list of the 10 best places I visited during the year. Most of those 10 made the list due to the magnificent scenery that can be found.  While this years list has a few outstanding scenery locales,  I also picked out a few that are outstanding in other ways.  If you want to see these in person, you might want to hurry, two of the places I considered for this list are gone.

Tempura Island

Originally Posted: Three Beautiful Japan Regions
A beautiful garden and castle build inspired by modern Japanese style.  This place grew in popularity throughout the year. The building interiors use many special effects for a surprisingly beautiful look.
SLURLMore  PicturesVideoOfficial Website

Kijiji (Visiwa)

Originally Posted: Africa in SL
Probably the best representation of Africa in SL. Multiple servers filled with unique African architecture mixed with Dutch Colonial buildings.
SLURLMore PicturesOfficial Web Site

Kalepa (Garden of DaVinci)

Originally Posted: Fun Fantasy Regions for SL Explorers
This build has been around a while, but I finally got around to blogging about it this year.  Mixed fantasy architecture, a multi layer, and a unique “eagle” ride to help you get around, makes this a fun place to explore.
SLURLMore PicturesVideo

Mouse World

Originally Posted: Theme Parks in SL
“Mirror Worlds” are 3d computer places designed to look like real places.  One of the most ambitious I found was “Mouse World” an amazing recreation of a Disney theme park.  There is another 3D replica of Disney World in Google Earth as well, but this SL version has actual working rides.
SLURLMore PicturesVideoOfficial Web Site

Frideswide (World War One Poetry Archive)

Originally Posted: War Memorials in SL
This late entry built by a group at Oxford University has amazed many visitors for its immersive SL experience.  Audio mixed with pictures, mixed with a detailed stretch of a real WW1 trench.  Lots of information here to explore.
SLURLMore PicturesVideoOfficial Web Site

PAX (Where the Wild Things Are)

Originally Posted:  Scenic Organic Fantasy-Historical Mostly Outdoor Regions
This beautiful inventive sim has multiple natural settings transitioning nicely. Lots of good places to take screenshots.
SLURLMore PicturesOfficial Web Site

Pillars of Hercules

Originally Posted:  Fun Fantasy Regions for SL Explorers
This Greco-Roman designed fantasy build has caught on as a pretty background setting to model clothing lines and take screenshot photos.  There is so much stuff here, it is amazing it all fits in a single 256m x 256m region.
SLURLMore PicturesVideo

Daden Space (Apollo 11 Landing Site)

Originally Posted:  Recreating the Apollo 11 Voyage in Second Life
This educational region allows you to see in detail the landing site of the Apollo 11 lander.  You can even follow the paths that Armstrong and Aldrin followed and recreate some of their experiments and photo ops. An excellent example of SL as an educational resource.
SLURLMore PicturesVideoOfficial Web Site

Japan Kanto (Hosoi Ichiba)

Originally Posted:  Three Beautiful Japan Regions
I found this place from an impressive machinima video on You Tube. This furniture store is part of a group of Asian inspired builds that also includes Mao, a popular build of a section of the Great Wall of China.
SLURLMore PicturesVideoOfficial Web Site

Mont Saint Michel

Originally Posted:  Three Fabulous SL Recreations of Real Architecture
A detailed 1:1 scale recreation of a historically significant island just off the coast of France. The only difference being the kinds of stores you find in the shopping area as you climb up the islands hill.
SLURLMore PicturesVideoOfficial Web Site

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