Coming to a Close

Posted: March 5, 2010 in Virtual Worlds
Tags: , , , , was the second 3D Virtual World I joined and from June 2003 to May 2004, it was my only virtual home.  I was a Beta and a regular, well known throughout the early days of There.

On Tuesday May 9th my former virtual home will close for good.  My former residence at the Ebony Rock Funzone will disappear in the virtual ether.

The announcement comes as a surprise to everyone, including some of the employees of Makena.  This thread at is where a lot of former Thereans as well as former employees are going to talk about the closure as the official forums have closed completely.

From a technical standpoint, There was above everybody.  The biggest wants of Second Life players today is copy protection, smooth transition from region to region, better ways to market products, and better vehicles.  There had these things from day 1.  Avatars in There have capabilities still not seen in any other game.  Planet There was the largest avatar navigable 3D object, just slightly smaller than planet Earth.  Actual land mass is about 650 sq km, about 1/3 the size of Second Life.

If I were to design a new “ultimate” 3D Virtual World, I would start with There, radically improve the graphics, the avatars, and steal IMVU’s awesome interface, steal Second Life’s system of building, add scripting capabilities, and animation import.  At the heart of it though, it would still be There.

So long There, I will miss you.

  1. liz says:

    I am leaving this answer/comment for Arienne.First of all,thank you very much for taking the time to compile this long list of 3d worlds for all of us,and detailing major info.on each one.I am a lost therian,i am incerdibly saddend as many others at the closing.I wanted to know from your knowlegde,which one of these 3d worlds is closest to “there?” like the cartoony colors,and houses and things like that?i whould appreciate if you can help me figure this out as you have more knowledge on this then me,


  2. Mystic Ann says:

    why why why i loved there so much i loved driving buggies, flying jetpack and planes and hoverboards and knocking down noobs who didnt had the forcefield on hahahahahahahaha good times but dont you notice everytime makena parteners with someone and has a virtual world bam it closes it puzzles me but let me get back to the point there is no other virtual world lyk there and never will be R.I.P one day just one day i wished there could re-open

  3. akash says:

    i still dont kno why there is closed

  4. Victoria says:

    Please bring it back! I loved that game and almost played it every day! It was the BEST virtual world around.

  5. secret says:

    WHY WHY WHY???? this is reeper456 and i miss there too much. i was part of the cosmogirl police force and was a srg. i had fame, respect, money, style, cars, guns and a whole mob. and now it’s gone. i’ll miss u forever

    • yuna says:

      i kr stupid second life took there down i rather have imvu close down theres always mtv virtaul world but they made it uglky i think me n u shuld start an there revolution kay? ive been on therre only for 3 5 weeks n i love it lets put and end to second life they aint even dat pretty curse nelcie neox!

  6. lameer says:

    this is lameer i was a sin city police i loved traveling in my car bring it back please!

  7. lameer says:

    it is probaly coming back! because why would they keep the website still up they stiil have to pay to keep the website up?!

  8. lameer says:

    Hi, i was a police and srg from any different groups. i loved to travel in my buggies i hope they bring it back soon peace and love r.i.p.

  9. lameer says:

    i use to be apart of many police gruops and i am lamer

  10. DaveSmeg says:

    I’d previously tried SL for 2 weeks but could not get to grips with the clunkiness of the program. I joined in Feb of 97 and loved it from the start.
    I made my avatar premium after 2 weeks and started renting a small home and spending many hours a day in-world.
    After a year I applied to be an Island Guide, they accepted me in the June class and I spent 2 years having a great time showing new members around and showing them ways to have fun. I must have done a good job as a few of them became premium shortly after and I know 2 even became IGs themselves.
    I was on duty a couple of hours after the Dr. Phil show, grabbing the hundreds of new spawns that were being bounced out of the spawn areas, due to overloaded sectors, and teleporting them to less populated areas, but even these areas started to become overloaded.

    I have yet to find a world with the freedom of travel or the friendliness that had to offer.

    The servers are still running but they now used for the closed world of Virtual Congress. Membership can only be gained if you are studying a certain class at an American University.

  11. DaveSmeg says:

    For now I’m hanging around on Facebook.

  12. teri says:

    plzz i begg u there is awsome to me sure second life got alot oh pplz but please this means so much to me i wuld love to have there back i wuld love to have there than second life kinda so plzz bring there bak

  13. yuna says:

    come on this is my fave virtaul world theres no other like there there is soo amzing i will cry my eyes out and bunji jump to have there bak idc much about stinking second life they made there close bring bak there! plzz

  14. lenne says:

    omygosh not there i cnt believe my faveorite virtaul worlds gone!!! please ive been trying to sign up for there and never knew u r gunna close iit plzzz bring back there sign up

  15. pretty please im begging ya i love there so better than second life promise i relly need there back its my fave and only virtaul home i love very much wit my heart bring there bak its my home i miss driveing tlkin wit friends workin helpin ppl help i need there bak!!!

  16. please i love there so better than second life i relly need there back its my fave and only virtaul world i love it very truely is it is better than second life plzzz bring there back i need it truely

  17. my heart is aching in pain i cnt believe it please bring there back i double thumbs up there is better than second life and imvu and keneva put together!

  18. ariane dats a great idea make a brand new there but it wnt be named there name it 3D pangya! i wuld do anything for there start a revolution! no way there’s gunna close im not gunna let it close i love there!!!!!

  19. i think u shuld make a new fresh virtaul world like there but wit second life imvu n keneva’s idea i think u shuld name it love shower peach or love peach or peach shower! plzzz bring there bak!!!

  20. bring there back knock second life out !

  21. why why does it hafe to be there i love there this is like a nightmare please bring there back i am missing it like a lost kitten i have

  22. hey you guys there is not going nowherei need my there and im gunna have my there we need to start a revolution! ariane plz guid e us make a new 3d world called fantasty dream! please or bring there bak!

  23. hey i need my there and im gonna have my there we need to start a revolution! bring there back please gets on knees* i need my freakin there before i go crazy and slap second life!

  24. angel halo7 says:

    i dream hope that there will re-open soon very soon or sooon enough! bring there back i hate second life i quite sl

  25. Imissthere says:

    I Read That There Will Not Be Re-Opening If Yu Dnt Belive Me Check Tha Link Out

  26. As of July 22, 2011 at 2:54 EST. I saw that There websites homage don’t show the closed info. and thinking of reopening poll but now the sign in and sign up are up again.

  27. conah says:

    why did they shut it down i played every day

  28. AnimeCutieLover1 says:

    Hey Now There Is Back Up But I Can’t Signup Because i dont Remimber My Legacy Accnt Password/ Name/ Email it was yrs ago.. Please Make The Original There Come Back!! wERE wE aLL cAN sIGNUP

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