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Its New Years Eve, and temps are in the 30s tonight, and the local gigantic New Years concert has Ben Folds playing (yuck!).  So I’m staying in, and party hopping in the metaverse wherever I can find a good party.  I’m cruising multiple virtual worlds, and this may require some update breaks throughout the night.  Also I’m going in blind, not knowing in advance where the good parties are, but here goes.

First up, IMVU.  Haven’t been in here since the last time I blogged about it. First thing I notice is that I am an IMVU Millionaire somehow. Last time I was in game I only had half a million.  It pays to not play apparently.  OK, go to the chat room search, type “New Years” and see what comes up.  Ahh, a New Years Ball…

Decent crowd like the atmo.  Wow its a formal, I seem a little under dressed.  Lets try another scene…

Trying an Adult Pass event. Looks like a boat with fireworks.  Some girl from Britain is here, its 3AM in the UK right now.  What a way to party. Just turned New Years day in Bermuda, off to another virtual world.

And here we are in Inworldz.  The problem with Open Sims is that I have no wardrobe here.  They are playing 80s music, time to duck out.

Decent Crowd at the OSGrid greeting center, so how does one go about finding New Years Eve parties in OSGrid anyways?  Another problem with Open Sims, no event search capabilities.  So where to now?  I haven’t been to Blue Mars in a while.  Twinity either. I’ll probably need new clients for both, so I’m downloading both at the same time, lets see who wins… Twinity by a long shot.

Yay! New Years in Virtual New York City!  6 people, and this is the most crowded place in Twinity right now.  OK Atlantic Time Zone has just had their New Year.  Next up is Eastern Time Zone.  Lets see, has Blue Mars finished downloading yet?

Wow even fewer people for the big New Years bash than Twinity.  OK this place is dead tonight, I need some place that is alive and kicking for my Eastern Timezone celebration.

Hmm, time for an old standby…

There is always a big holiday gathering in Guild Wars!

OK ran out of different worlds, time to check out Second Life.  I found some scheduled New Years events on the SLU board, so I’m going to check them out blind without looking at a map to see if they might be lame.

First Stop New Toulouse.   Nice crowd. Very formal. Good opportunity to dress in my hot red dress.

I checked out a few others, but the New Toulouse party seemed to be the best, so I stayed there for the Central and Mountain Time zone parties.

But for the Pacific I had to check out a nude beach party at SDI

Happy New Years Everybody!!!

Time for another visit from activities expert Rebecca, who after reading my Winter Places post below decided to educate me some other winter activities. She asked me to meet her at Epic Conditions where she taught me how to surf. This time we went to the other side and found a ski chalet.

“Since I’m just starting out skiing in SL, Did you bring me here because the skiing is easier here?”, I asked.

“Actually the exact opposite is true, the skiing here is the hardest and most challenging in SL,” she replied. “The primary reason we are here is that they have the best skis in SL. Even better — they are free. So grab a set of skis and be sure to read the instructions, and meet me at the ski lift.”

As we rode up the amazingly steep ski lift with the very narrow ski path down below, I asked her about Second Life skiing in general, and why this mountain first?”

“The vast majority of the skiing in Second Life consists of nothing more than clicking on a ball and letting the ball take you down a guided path. Its too easy, and after a couple of runs it is boring,” she explained.

“The Epic Conditions Skis can actually be ridden and are a challenge (in part because they are on the buggy side). They use real physics and you can steer as you please.”

“As for why this mountain, some times the best way to learn is to try the hardest first. And there are actually two routes down the mountain, one is easy, and one is so hard I have yet to make it down successfully.”

“OK, sounds good,” I said, “I wouldn’t want to try the hardest first on a real mountain though.”

So we tried the hill a few times. Lots of hair pin turns even on the easy course, and the hard course has obstacles and near impossible jumps. The skis sometimes act a little wonky too. After Rebecca fell one too many times, we both decided to try another hill.

We went to a place I have been a few times, the oldest and probably still the largest ski run in Second Life. Built by the Lindens in 2004 to showcase their winter servers on the mainland, you can drop by the info booth on the Voss server and take the ski lift behind the Chateau, or just teleport to the top of the mountain two servers away on the Kanin server.

“This is one of those sit and ski places,” Rebecca explained, “There are others nice ones on Tahoa Mountain and Peach Tree Resort. But, at nearly 600 meters, this is the longest.”

“And here’s the kicker,” she continued, “the Epic Conditions Skis work here. You cant do tricks, but you can take out a set of skis and ride them to the bottom, steering and avoiding obstacles all the way down.”

She was right! We tried the sit on ball method, but the Epic Conditions method of skiing was much more fun.

Well that was a pleasant discovery. Lets celebrate with another SL winter sport: ice skating.

Like skiing, ice skating comes in two flavors too: Skate wherever you want, and let a pose ball lead you around the rink. The former requires a decent pair of skates, and the best inexpensive skates I have seen are the Skoopficiles Ice skates available at the Moopf store (and at dozens of other places) for a mere L$200.

If you are not interested in showing off and doing tricks, you can get free animation override skates at the Winter Wonderland Skating Rink, which also features the “let a pose ball lead you around the rink” type skating, which Rebecca and I also tried doing as seen above.

Over all, a fun cool time. Now for some much deserved cocoa by a fire place.