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So last week Second Life celebrated its 5th Anniversary with a huge 20 server event. I avoided it the first week, and due to multiple reports of lag it was a smart move. Above is a pic of the main birthday pavilion.


The Birthday celebration has not been without controversy. LL has made sure all exhibits conform to the PG sim standards resulting in some defacement. The roses above are seperate prims from the original painting. Another artistic statue of a nude woman had its breast prims removed. This is the result when you equate virtual nudity with real nudity.

600 exhibits on 20 servers is generally speaking a laggy mess of signage and spam for the most part. No way to see them all, so I just wandered aimlessly looking for cool stuff.

This sculpture/building on SL5B Linked was built by Scope Cleaver, and I’d consider it a masterpiece of prim artwork and architecture. It was also quite functional:

The northeast corner of the building served as a lecture hall. I stayed and listened to a presentation on how some companies are using Second Life in their business. There were about 35 attendees.